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What is Put Us in the Picture?

A young woman sits in a doorway, making a jumper on a knitting machine.

Sightsavers’ Put Us in the Picture campaign exists to create a world where all people have equal access to employment, healthcare, education and participation in society. If inclusion is seen as a global priority, there’ll be pressure on all countries to demonstrate what they’re doing to achieve it.

We focus on making the voices of people with disabilities heard around the world –but we can’t do it alone.

How you’re a part of it too

Joseph facilitating the savings and loan group meeting.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed in 2015 include a commitment to ‘leave no one behind’, so the world’s already heading in the right direction, but it’ll take as many of us as possible keeping the issue in the minds of politicians if there’s any chance of making true inclusion a reality. We need your voice to help amplify the voices of people with disabilities until they’re heard around the world. By sharing stories, tweeting and emailing politicians, and attending or even organising Put Us in the Picture campaign events, you’ll be keeping pressure on UK politicians, who in turn can hold other countries to account and ensure that some of the world’s most vulnerable people aren’t being left behind.

Connecting the dots

Isaac and Harriet (right) with another student.

Connecting the dots is a training programme for young people with disabilities. The programme, which covers four districts in western Uganda, aims to give the young people vocational skills and set them up with equipment and apprenticeships so they can earn a living. Regular career fairs are held in the participating districts, so community members and potential employers can see the work produced by the students. Connecting the dots has seen attitudes transformed in the community, and has shown young people, many of whom thought they were the only ones living with disability, that they’re not alone.

How it came about

A group of young people with disabilities stand together.

In Uganda, there’s a lot of stigma and discrimination around disability, and many people are isolated, ignored or hidden away by their families because of it. Traditional and superstitious beliefs mean some people think disability is a curse; others just believe that people with disabilities are worthless and incapable of learning or working.

Connecting the dots was created to reach young people with disabilities, many of whom had missed out on education, and empower them with a route to self-sufficiency. By showing what people with disabilities are capable of, the programme also works to change attitudes and break down stigma in the community.

Set up in 2012 and jointly funded by Sightsavers and the EU, Connecting the dots brings together teachers, families, volunteers, employers, community leaders and disability representatives as well as the young people themselves.

Put Us in the Picture is Sightsavers’ campaign calling on the international community to make global development inclusive of people with disabilities.

You are the megaphone

People with disabilities deserve to have a say in their own future – will you help amplify their voices until they’re heard around the world?

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